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Khasit Buah Belimbing Dalam Medis Terkini

Khasit Buah Belimbing Dalam Medis Terkini - Then, some time later, the competition started, while waiting Dika Dika remember the teachings of Mr. Rusli him. And then, Dika's turn to perform in the competition, all the audience gave cheers including the three friends Dika Dika support. Dika inhale and exhale to provide peace, until Dika was ready. After seeing the cue and follow the rules of badminton, Dika started the first blow while keeping in mind the teachings of Mr. Rusli. Dika constantly moving and swinging his racket with both up until Dika win against his opponent.

However, it has not preclude that Dika became a winner, because there is still another opponent. Dika should still maintain the spirit and physically the most preferred up until the end of the competition. Dika continue to fight hard and defeat opponents for the sake of his opponent with a resounding through the techniques and strategies are great, up comes the most eagerly waiting for Dika, the final preliminary round. Dika start the first shot, and returned back by his opponent, it seems that his opponent is quite difficult and not as usual with the opponents faced by previous Dika, Dika should maintain morale and physical condition.

Until finally break the series 20-20, Dika and his opponent looks tired, now it's his turn to hit first, and Oliver responded, mutual back-reply. And finally Dika lost control of energy, and the figure becomes 21-20, the numbers again his opponent will win, Dika must remain calm. Dika see the audience who gave cheers to him, and Oliver saw his parents that there comes a special role for Dika.

Post by kesehatanpenting (2016-01-16 04:37)

Tags: kesehatan

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